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JUST PUBLISHED!  Our first anthology in over three years!  We are releasing it as part of the launch of our new Offbeat/Quirky Books imprint!

Robin Wyatt Dunn's Science Fiction: A Poem!


"Goosestep," the title piece from Harold Jaffe's new JEF collection
Goosestep: Fictions and Docufictions has been selected for a Pushcart Prize! You'll be able to see it in the Pushcart Prize anthology coming this November, or you can see it in his book! Available now!

The 2017 winner of the Kenneth Patchen Award for the Innovative Novel is Richard Strauss, of London, England, for his novel The Skrat Prize Memorial Anthology!

March 22, 2017--The Offbeat/Quirky anthology is published!
February 17, 2017--
Robin Wyatt Dunn's Science Fiction: A Poem! is published!
February 17, 2017--Frederick Mark Kramer's Passions and Shadows or Shadows and Passions is published in a 2nd edition, in a larger font for easier reading!
November 19, 2016--Harold Jaffe's
Goosestep is published!
April 25, 2016--James R. Hugunin's
Afterimage: Critical Essays on Photography is published!
March 24, 2016--Frederick Mark Kramer's
Passions and Shadows or Shadows and Passions is published!
January 22, 2016--Yuriy Tarnawsky's
Claim to Oblivion is published!
January 21, 2016--Dominic Ward and Eckhard Gerdes's
Recto & Verso: A Work of Asemism and Pareidolia is published in a trade edition!
November 30, 2015--Dominic Ward's Prism and Graded Monotony is published in its third edition!
November 27, 2015--Kate Horsley's 2015 Patchen Award Winning Between the Legs is published!
November 27, 2015--Brion Poloncic's Psychedelic Everest is published!
August 28, 2015--Conger Beasley, Jr.'s 
A Little Story about Maurice Ravel is published!

Also published, two very special, limited editions:
Sore Eel Cheese by The Flakxus Group
Recto & Verso: A Work of Asemism and Pareidolia by Dominic Ward and Eckhard Gerdes (the minibook refrigerator magnet edition!)
Email us for information about the special editions

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