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Conger Beasley, Jr.

A Little Story about Maurice Ravel

Erik Belgum

                Collected Stort Shories

Moore Bowen

                Oppression for the Heaven of It

Robert Casella

                Don’t Sing Aloha When I Go

Jane L. Carman

Tangled in Motion

Carolyn Chun

                How to Break Article Noun

Norman Conquest

                What Is Art?

Robin Wyatt Dunn

Science Fiction: A Poem!
Raymond Federman

The Laugh that Laughs at the Laugh

The Flakxus Group

Sore Eel Cheese
Eckhard Gerdes

Ring in a River
Persis Gerdes

99 Waves

Kate Horsley

Between the Legs
James R. Hugunin

Afterimage: Critical Essays on Photography

Case X

                Elder Physics

      Something Is Crook in Middlebrook

      Wreck & Ruin

                Writing Pictures

Harold Jaffe


                The Literary Terrorism of Harold Jaffe

                OD: Docufictions

Othello Blues

                Paris 60

Arthur Winfield Knight

The Darkness Starts Up Where You Stand

Frederick Mark Kramer




Passions and Shadows or Shadows and Passions

Jønathan Lyons


David Moscovich

                You Are Make Very Important Bathtime

Derek Pell

Naked Lunch at Tiffany's

Brion Poloncic

Psychedelic Everest

                Xanthous Mermaid Mechanics

Bob Sawatzki

                Return to Circa '69

Scuff Mud

                Scuff Mud

                !Evil Scuff Mud

Yuriy Tarnawsky

Claim to Oblivion

                The Future of Giraffes

      Like Blood in Water

      Short Tails

      View of Delft

Dominic Ward

The Hunter

                Prism and Graded Monotony

Dominic Ward & Eckhard Gerdes

Recto & Verso: A Work of Asemism and Pareidolia (ltd. refrigerator magnet ed.)

Recto & Verso: A Work of Asemism and Pareidolia (trade ed.)

Various Authors

                ATTOHO #1

                Away With It!

                Belighted Fiction

                Bizarro Fiction: Journal of Experimental Fiction 37

                John Barth, Bearded Bards & Splitting Hairs

                Journal of Experimental Fiction 34: Foremost Fiction

      Journal of Experimental Fiction 35

Journal of Experimental Fiction 39

Journal of Experimental Fiction 50


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